While playing at an online casino with real money means one can score some real wins. And in doing that, one will want to make up his winning by making a withdrawal from the casino. Depositing money is often a straightforward process, while on the other hand, withdrawal comes with some complications and users mostly have questions about the withdrawal of money. Withdrawal of real money often comes with additional steps. It is natural for new players to have some queries.

  1. Here are some basic steps you need to know:
  • First, open the website and log in with your account.
  • Next, find for casino wallet page or something related to that.
  • After that, the withdrawal option will appear; tap on that to make a quick casino withdrawal.
  • Now it will show you a page of payment options; select one. Fill out the required information like the account number you have to withdraw money, the account holder’s name and so on. Most casinos prefer the same method of deposit and withdrawal.
  • Enter the amount how much you would like to withdraw from the online casino
  • After completing all the necessary steps, confirm the transaction and wait for the request to be complete.

That’s it. Once you have gone through these simple steps, you can withdraw money from an online casino. After the first withdrawal from the online casino, it will save bank details for any future withdrawal. ฝากถอนออโต้ makes depositing and withdrawal more effective and also provides users with bonuses.

  1. The time of cashing out online?

Cashing out at an online casino is not an immediate process. However, it does not take much time; you have to wait for just a few days. The online casino will take 2-3 business days to precede your withdrawal request. There are different types of payment options. Some of them take longer than others to complete their task.

Most common methods used for a quick withdrawal


  Credit/Debit Cards             3-6 Business Days

  E-Wallets                              1-3 Business Days

  Bank Transfers                    5-8 Business Days

These are estimated times, and Verification checks may take longer, so make the request as soon as possible. Sometimes, casinos also approve withdrawal requests faster than expected. Withdrawal time may vary.

  1. Restrictions while making withdrawals?

Every online casino has specific regulations for making an online casino withdrawal. However, terms and conditions are always mentioned at the bottom of the withdrawal page.

  • Withdrawal limits: most of the casino limits the amount a player can withdraw over a certain period. Casinos usually have a daily limit, weekly limit and monthly limit. Some casino offers a VIP membership. After buying that, one can enjoy an increased limit. Apart from this, online casinos also set a minimum amount so that one can only withdraw a fixed amount. For example, if a person has $90, but the casino allows a minimum of $100, then a person would not be able to make a withdrawal.
  • Security Check or KYC (know your customer): KYS is a mandatory process for all users, whether new or existing customers. It is a security check to ensure that the user is of the legal age for online gambling and confirm that the payment used belongs to the customer.

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