Show your pride!

Show your pride!

What a way to open Pride Month.

You’ve probably heard that the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

Decisions like this underscore the urgency of flipping the House in 2018. At least one branch of government should stand up for our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community.

June should be a month to honor LGBT accomplishments. I spent a postcard-perfect Saturday with thousands of others at the second annual Naples Pride event, celebrating diversity and tolerance.

There was no sign of my Republican opponent, who votes in lockstep with a president who wants to ban transgender soldiers from serving in the US military.

We need to embrace our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community, not ostracize them. Can you chip in $10 or more to help me push back against the bigotry, intolerance and hate that warp today’s Republican Party?

Thank you and happy Pride Month,

– Mary