It is very simple as well as fun-loving to play pokemon go game. You need to walk here and catch all the pokemon around you. Also, with the help of poke stops, you will be able to collect all goodies, which will help you further. You don’t need any trainer further for playing this game as you will become your own master here. There is a lot of things which you need to consider, such as some interesting tricks and tips that will further help you Pokemon go accounts for sale is available on various websites where you can buy the account easily.

5 best tips and tricks to consider:

  1. Using your incubator wisely: when you are playing the pokemon go game, then it is important for you to hatch all the eggs and use your incubators. Through this, you will be able to boost up all the candies which will help you to walk easily. You can watch all the events which are ongoing so that hatching and completing the distance will further help you. Here getting all the rewards to help you to cover up long distances.
  2. Building XP and power-up: another trick which you need to consider in building your own XP, which will further help you to power up your own pokemon. When you move to the higher level, then excessing through XP will become easier for you. Such that you will be able to reach a higher level like level 20 etc.
  3. Managing what is in your bag: if you will manage your bag and build your own army, then it will become beneficial for you to collect all the things here. There are so many pokemon available through which you will easily catch them up. There are some special and additional characters also, such as Pikachu, through which you can hold and collect all the goodies.
  4. You can also transfer pokemon: by transferring pokemon, you will be able to collect all the candies and return them too. Bringing candies is beneficial for you because, through this, you will be able to collect all the finite number of pokemon conveniently. Through transfer, you will get a chance for collecting candies, and by these candies, you can easily get more pokemon on your way. It is beneficial for you to transfer your pokemon to get another tier while playing.
  5. Choosing the right evolution path: when you are playing pokemon, go then check through all the evolution paths so that when you will drop your candies, then getting all the rewards will become possible. You can also save it for later so that more and more candies will be provided to you.

If you have lucky eggs with you, then make sure that you are collecting and using them accurately so that it will become more interesting for you to play pokemon go. Also, all the 5 tricks and tactics regarding the pokemon game are listed above, which will improve your gameplay.

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