What is cannabis resin?

Trichomes, sometimes known as “pollen,” are the main component of hashish. They get manually or hydraulically pressed after being taken from the hemp flowers. The resin solidifies as a somewhat dense and gooey paste. The different Mots clés strains and extraction techniques used to make it affect its color. You can perform this extraction:

  • Solvents-They extracts the oil resin from the remaining plant matter.
  • Directly with your hands, touching the weed plant’s blossoms and leaves.

The colors of CBD resin or classic

The three most pointless hues of feces are unique to the nations that produce Mots clés. They distinguish one kind of feces from another:

Olive green and brown

It originates in Morocco and tastes Strong and acrid like this stuff called “Moroccan.” It is the result of three hydraulic presses. The first one, known as “the olive,” is the purest and most valuable. In the country of origin and France, the second one is the most heavily advertised to “wholesalers of drug trafficking.” The third is the lowest quality one. It gets frequently blended with other goods to boost its mass and, thus, its profitability.

Black with green accents

It is Asian in origin. It gets termed “Nepalese” or “Afghan,” respectively has a long finish and a sweeter flavor. Its aroma is highly alluring. It is created by hand pressing, giving it a very pliable quality (chewing gum type).


The least frequent strain of hashish is “Lebanese.” When the flowers of this cultivar are already dry, the crop gets harvested. Its orange hue derives from its particularity.

How can CBD resin be used?

Vaporization or inhalation technique

Employ the inhalation approach or the vaporization method when using a vaporizer for resins or concentrates.

It’s an easy process. Heat the resin by placing it in a container that won’t catch fire, and then you can breathe in the steam. Reap the rewards of cannabidiol’s medicinal qualities by doing this. Vapoteurs with a grid designed specifically for consuming CBD resins are available in the market.

Method of dabbing

Cannabis oils and all hemp derivatives fall under the purview of the dabbing method. This method guarantees that the cannabis will be absorbed quickly and effectively. You’ll need the following to use this method:

  • a vaporizer;
  • a ring ;
  • a torch or nail;
  • and a wand.

The infusion method

Additionally, CBD resins can be used in cooking and as an infusion. It should get noted that CBD resin does not hold up well to cooking. If you choose the infusion option, you will need to give items that don’t require a lot of cooking time priority. The CBD resin should ideally get added before the infused dish is nearly cooking.

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