Diaz-Balart votes to make it easier to drill off shore

Diaz-Balart votes to make it easier to drill off shore

This is a perfect example of why I chose to step up and run for Congress.

My opponent, incumbent Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, just voted to allow more offshore drilling.

With this vote, Congressman Diaz-Balart has made it abundantly clear: clean water, a safe environment, and the health of our communities are not his priorities whatsoever.

Of the four members on the House Appropriations Committee from Florida, Diaz-Balart was the only one to side with oil and gas companies — once again selling out his own district.

Sadly, we shouldn’t be surprised because we’ve seen this time and time again from Congressman Diaz-Balart: FL-25 is home to an incredibly large swath of the Everglades, one of our most precious ecosystems. The individual who is elected to represent this natural treasure should understand the special responsibility they hold- Mario Diaz-Balart does not. For instance, less than two years ago in 2016 Congressman Diaz-Balart voted to create a pathway for offshore drilling all along Florida’s panhandle and entire western coast!

Frank Matzner, from The National Resources Defense Council, said it best:

“Representative Diaz-Balart has passed up a chance to protect Americans from Trump’s extreme offshore drilling plan, which he has said he opposes,” remarked Franz Matzner, director of federal affairs for the NRDC.

“His vote instead helps pad oil industry profits, and abandons the beach communities who’ll bear the risk of oil spills, along with every citizen who’ll experience the effects of the extreme weather made worse by increasing carbon pollution.”

No representative from Florida – Republican or Democrat – should ever risk our state’s economy, environment, and wildlife to win favor from oil and gas industry lobbyists.

Help ensure I am elected so that I may serve as a protector of Florida’s coasts and our economy. Donate here to my campaign against Mario Diaz-Balart today.

– Mary