Special features make online slots an exciting and earning option for young players. It is no more just a source of entertainment for players. Players can opt for unique strategies and tips that will boost players winning. Here thing that matters for you is choosing the suitable game that is of your interest so that you can win high.

Features of Online Slot Game

Various features of online slots make it the choice of players. The developers of slot games keep on designing new features in the game to improve the overall quality of gameplay.

Detailing the various principles on which the slot machine works will provide a path to play games with better winning. Detail of essential features of the slot will make things simpler:


Wilds are another unique feature that is offered by online slot games to players. They are mainly the symbols that can substitute other available symbols, but they cannot replace the scatters and other special characters.

Substitution of the wild symbols will give players with high winning options. Various types of wilds are mainly available for players in casino games.

  • Walking wilds are the symbols that shift on each reel as the remaining symbols respin for free.
  • Shifting wilds will have a shift on each of the spinning available. It comes as an option in the game till the time it gets disappears.
  • Expanding wilds is an option that will turn the whole wheel in the wild symbol with the completion of most of the pay lines.
  • Random wilds appear at any point while playing a slot game.

Free Spins

Offering free bonus spins to players is the best feature that online slot offers their clients. Most slot machine software development companies try to add unique features to a game they offer to their clients.

It will ultimately increase the winning chances of players. One can trigger free spins in-game with the help of three options:

  • Landing on three bonus symbols no matter at which part of a reel
  • Gathering a select number of special symbols that will give free spins
  • Trigger the free spin after a paid spin

Getting free spins to form online slot games will increase the winning chance of players without paying extra money.


Scatter symbols are mainly bonus symbols that pay a high winning amount to players. No matter where the symbols appear on the reel, it will give a high winning to players. Players can win a good amount of bonuses with the help of the scatter cards. These cards can in no way be substituted with wild symbols.


Payline is mainly the series of winning combinations available on a game machine. In traditional times machines used to have a single pay line, but now the pay lines have even reached 1024 in number.

Based on a combination of symbols that will appear on the payline of a machine will have a direct impact on the winning of players. Some platform even provides an option to players to configure several payline in slot machines. The main motive of paylines is to offer users high winning chances.

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