Making the candles at home is an exciting task for a person. These days there are a variety of candles made by people using different scents and colors. The most crucial thing that a person should focus on while making the candle is the candle’s wick. This is the decision that will affect the working of the candle.

Suppose a person will consider some of the crucial factors while selecting the wick, then the crackle candles will run for a longer life span. Now we will discuss in detail the various aspects that will help in choosing the best wick:

  • The Diameter of the Candle

The first thing that a person should consider while selecting the wick is the diameter of the candle. The diameter of the candle will affect determining the size and the duration of the flame. For example, in case the diameter of the candle is bigger than either, the person will have to choose the larger wick as the working will become a bit difficult.

Therefore, a person should properly analyze the diameter of the candle before selecting the wick. To do this calculation, a person will have to use a ruler to measure from one side of the candle to the other side.

  • Type of the wax of the candle

The wick to be used will also depend on the wax used to make the candle. The densities and the melting point of the wax will depend on the wax that a person has elected. Their requirement for heat will also vary. So first of all, a person should analyze these things and then only select the material of the wick.

For example, in the case of the bee wax, their sticky consistency makes cotton braid the ideal option for people. In this case, the cotton braid will be the best option for the people. A person should make the proper analysis in advance as to which type of wax a person should use in making the crackle candles.

  • Fragrance and the color

Even the fragrance and the color you are using while making the candle will affect the decision of the wick. Before a person selects the wick, he should go through the variety for the fragrance and colors that are available as an option. The best wick for a particular choice might not be suitable for the other. So this is another thing that cannot be closed.

For example, if we talk about scents, a person should prefer to use oil-based fragrances. However, if the person uses alcohol-based perfume or crayons for coloring, it will affect the combustion of the candles. So it is the factor that must be considered in advance.

Finally, it can be concluded that these are the various factors that will help select the best wick for making the candles. If the person is alert in the selection, the candle will run for a longer life span. So the decision must be taken after proper analysis.

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