I am going to win District 25

I am going to win District 25

I began my campaign for Congress last year for the same reasons that an unprecedented number of Democrats have stepped up to run in 2018:

The danger posed to our democracy, our community, and our families, by the Trump presidency and the Republican Congress was simply too great for me to sit idle and do nothing. It was – and remains – a moral imperative to me.

And that is ultimately the reason that I have decided to challenge Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart in Florida’s 25th district.

I am leaving the District 27 race with the confidence that, come November, a Democrat will take back that seat.

I’m just as confident that Mario Diaz-Balart can, should, and will be beat this fall.

And I’m going to beat him in the 25th district.

Tomorrow marks one year since Mario Diaz-Balart cast his vote for the Trump-Ryan healthcare bill that would have gutted Obamacare and forced millions of Americans to lose their healthcare.

This is my promise to you:

I am going to spend every single day between now and Election Day reminding the voters of District 25 that Mario Diaz-Balart voted – not just a year ago, but repeatedly – to rip healthcare coverage from hardworking Americans.

That he has consistently voted for the NRA, earning an “A” rating and taking in more campaign cash than any other Congressman in Florida in the last two decades.

That again and again, he has voted for special interests, and tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations, and against average, hardworking families.

That he denies science while the seas are rising and putting South Florida in dire peril.

That despite hollow promises and lip service to DREAMers, he’s been a rubber stamp for the Trump administration while they act to tear apart immigrant families.

This November, Mario Diaz-Balart will not get a free pass. He will finally have to answer for his record. And he will lose.

I’m ready for this fight. Will you join me?

Please support my candidacy for Florida’s District 25 by contributing to our campaign. This seat will turn blue.

– Mary