Having a cypress tree for your place is an excellent choice as it is excellent for creating a healthy environment that provides different shapes and sizes for your garden. In addition, you can easily manage a cypress tree for your house if you look after all its requirements.

There are different types of cypress trees that are available in our surroundings. You can choose anyone who suits your preference. You need to do proper care in order to have them a healthy life. Some of the best categories of cypress trees are-

  • Bald Cypress Tree

This is a type of swampy marshes of the deciduous, coniferous trees, which are slow-growing and long-lived plants. They tend to survive in the dry soil with better temperatures around the place. This can grow up to the height of 70 feet tall.

They can get grow in different types of triangular shapes. So you can choose your plant depending on the different sizes for your house requirement. Another scientific name for the plant is Taxodium Distichum, as it comes from the timber conifer in the North American area.

  • Lemon Cypress Tree

It is also known as goldcrest Cupressus macrocarpa by its scientific name. This is a special lemon cypress tree that belongs to the category of evergreen conifers and is popular in the areas of southern California.

When you are around this plant, you will feel a different strong lemon scent when you try to smell or rub its leaves. This is because its leaves are basically yellowish in color with the shape of pyramidal. However, you can easily keep this plant indoors and outside your house with proper care.

  • Mendocino Cypress Tree

This is a native plant with various coastal terraces. Its scientific name is Cupressus pigmaea, which comes from the places of California. It comes with a dark light green color with long leaves. It is a highly valuable tree as it is closely related to the other cypress trees.

The tree is going to grow up to the height of 145 feet. This is a good choice to make the plant in your house, as it will make your environment clean and healthy by giving pure oxygen to your surroundings.

  • Arizona Cypress Tree

These are the plants that mainly grow in the areas of the southern California. It mainly grows up to the height with ranges of 40-50 feet and can also be widely spread. This tree grows at a medium rate that requires some specific health concerns.

Its scientific name is Cupressus Arizona which mainly requires a certain temperature and light for 5-6 hours a day. In addition, it requires a loamy type of soil that can sustain a regular amount of moisture. Finally, its leaves are in pyramidal shape, making it a good preference for a Christmas tree.

Thus, there are many cypress trees stated above. All have different features according to their growth and healthy maintenance. Always remember, you have to take proper care of your tree in order to give them a healthy and long life.

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